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rock guitarist

Metal Bands

He joined his first metal band, the Brighton based Killing Mode at the age of sixteen and was soon attracting the attention of musicians and fans due to his technical ability and fearless lead guitar playing. Quickly he joined Ligature in London and some time later migrated his base to Farnborough where he played lead guitar in two of the UK's leading black metal bands - Acolytes Ruin and Reign of Erebus. During this hectic baptism he continuously balanced the demands of two bands simultaneously. Andy continues to write and record concept albums with Acolytes Ruin although the band have not gigged seriously for some time and he still occasionally stands in and gigs with Reign of Erebus.

Acolytes Ruin

Intense Black Metal with a progressive undertone that sounds distinct from any other in the genre - not conforming to any dogma or formula. 

"I suppose all Black Metal should sound this way, set aside from the mainstream and untouched by commercial toss" - Live4


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