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Session guitarist & rock guitarist

This site is dedicated to the music, bands and songwriting of Andy Galloway - a versatile session guitarist and rock guitarist.


Andy started his musical carer playing keyboards in the rhythm section of a college swing band, stepping in to fill a vaccancy even though at that time he was far more accomplished as a rock guitarist. Like many exceptional rock guitarists he graduated towards metal music - attracted by its rythmic intensity and the challenges of playing tight, fast, technical music. By seventeen he was lead guitarist in two heavy metal bands, Reign of Erebus and Acolutes Ruin enjoying rave reviews on the London metal scene.

Later he founded and wrote the music for Stone Baby a rock band with a heavy groove and recorded two albums over a three year period.

More recently he joined the successful progressive black metal band, Code, touring with them first on a session bass then joining the band to record two albums Augur Nox (2013) and Mut (2015) released by Agonia Records.

He continues to write complex melodic black metal which he records and releases under the brand Amhghar.

Session Guitarist

An outstanding, totally professional lead session guitarist with over 7 years experience performing in rock and blues bands playing concerts, recording and writing original material. Plays all rock and blues guitar styles with flair and passion and an effortless ease that can be summed up in one word - class.

   1. Rhythm playing and sense of rhythm is outstanding
   2. Lead playing free and spontaneous when playing blues and rock leads that complement the rhythm and melodies of the song.
   3. In studio sessions, guitar playing accurate and tight with a fresh sound.
   4. Live sessions - a guitarist totally at ease and captivating onstage.
   5. Attitude is totally professional but is easy to work with and cooperative, works well in group situation.



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Andy (in the red hat) plays rock and blues guitar with flair, passion and an effortless ease. The YouTube clip shows him playing for Fevorous Tea in the Cobden Club London.  In the studio as a session guitarist his fluid playing and accuracy makes recording sessions quick and efficient. Easy to work with, and capable of working closely with producers and sound engineers, he is quick to adapt to what is required. On stage he plays blues rock guitar with passion and empathy and fast classic rock with drive and energy that demands audience reaction.


Andy is a prolific songwriter and has written songs for most of the bands he has joined, most noteably, for Acolytes Ruin and Stone Baby.  Listen to his blues rock music or his metal music on the Bands page.